Where to Wear ID Lanyards

Everywhere you look, people are wearing ID lanyards. Whether in a work place or in a casual event, people are wearing them. Nowadays, lanyards have become a part of the usual attire. The most common places where you can find ID lanyards are schools, offices, parties, and lectures:

1. Schools or Universities

The most common place where you can see people wearing ID lanyards is in school. Students are required to wear their IDs all the time, whenever they are in their school’s premises. Before, students are allowed to use clips in wearing their IDs, however, the more common practice nowadays is to use lanyards. Lanyards are easier to wear and are not prone to getting detached easily.

Aside from not losing their IDs with the help of their lanyards, the students will also be easily identified by their teachers. With their customized design and colors, school lanyards definitely stand out.

ID lanyardsIt is also important to note that it is not just the students which are mandated to wear their IDs with their lanyards in schools. Teachers and administrators are also required to wear their IDs at all times.

Polyester is the preferred material used for school lanyards. This material is not just durable but it is also affordable. Nonetheless, woven and nylon are also favored choices. Moreover, schools usually choose key rings or J-hooks as attachments for their lanyards. However, lobster claw hooks are also popular as lanyard latches.

2. Offices

In companies, especially the bigger ones, it is vital that employees wear their ID lanyards at all times. Corporations require their workers to wear lanyards for identification and sometimes, for access.

Polyester is a popular choice for office lanyards because of its durability. However, most companies prefer woven material for two reasons: one, this kind of material has a sophisticated design which is befitting for a company; and two, the material makes it possible to write text on it. A company lanyard must always have a logo and name written on it, so it is best that they choose woven material for this purpose.

As for its attachments, a bulldog clip is the ordinary hook used for office lanyards. However, badge holders or badge reels are also recommended by lanyard suppliers.

3. Parties

If you have tried attending a large party such as family or school reunions, you must have noticed that you are given IDs with lanyards. It is expected that these occasions will be flocked by hundreds of people; hence, there is a need to ask everyone to wear IDs for recognition.

Aside from IDs in lanyards, organizers of parties also use sticker name tags for the attendees. However, due to their inability to stick to the clothes for a long period of time, these tags are no longer practical to use. Lanyards then have become a necessity in parties.

Tubular, polyester or woven material are usually picked by the event organizers. In these materials, the reunion details, such as school name or year of graduation, are printed. Moreover, a dog clip is the most popular option for party lanyards.

4. Conferences or Lectures

Just like in parties, ID lanyards are also important in case of conferences. There will be hundreds of participants in an event and to keep track of these people, it is needed that they are given their own IDs.

Usually, organizers have their lanyards customized according to their conference. This is why nylon or tubular materials are the most commonly used for event lanyards. However, between the two, it is better to use tubular lanyards because not only are they affordable but they are also professional in style. Bulldog clips or lobster claws are the usual attachments being used for this kind of occasion.

Without a doubt, lanyards are becoming more and more widely used; eventually, these functional accessories might even become truly ubiquitous.