The printed circuit board and its types

The printed circuit board can be found in almost all types of electronics and gadgets produced. It is used to connect electrical components and also mechanically support the wiring’s and other connections to keep them in place and avoid short circuit. Each board in an electronic device would serve different functions. Some would be in charge of the battery operation while the others would be for the keypad of the device. There are experts who specialize in PCB fabrication so that manufacturers do not have to manually organize and solder each part of the circuit board. Usually, a search on the internet would result in multiple websites of businesses which offer PCB fabrication.

A printed circuit board would usually use a non-conductive substrate such as silicon or silicon dioxide and laminate copper sheets onto it. Most PCBs are multi-layer but it can also be single sided or double sided; these terms refer to the number of copper layers which are laminated on the substrate. Once the layer is laminated on the substrate, the conductive pads and tracks would then be etched on the layers of copper sheets. Vias are made to connect the copper layers together.

Vias are made up of two pads which are drilled through the board to electrically connect the layers. Through PCB fabrication, the hole is plated through to make it conductive. There are different types of vias such as blind via and buried via. Their only difference would be the location of the hole, but it still has the same purpose.

There are basically three types of printed circuit boards and each one is used for a different purpose. They are differentiated by the number of the copper layers used.

The first type is the single sided board. This is the easiest to manufacture since it is the least complex. The single sided printed circuit board has been around since the early 1960’s and is still being manufactured up to now. Before the invention of the computer, PCB fabrication was done manually by the experts but because of advanced technology, most circuit boards are now made through the aid of the computer. The single sided board means that all the electrical components such as resistors and capacitors are located on one side only.The other side would then have the copper traces. The single sided board is used for electronics such as timing circuits, LED lighting, industrial and automotive relays and sensor products.

The most common type of printed circuit board is the double sided board. In this setup, both electrical components and other parts are located to both sides of the copper layers. It is noticeable that the vias are mostly made using through-hole assembly. The double sided board is usually used for more complex electronics because they require more electrical components to be connected to each other.

PCBsThe third type of PCB is the multi layered board. Assembling this type of board requires expert skills because it includes multiple layers of copper layers which are connected one by one. Most engineers use insulation to keep the layers from overheating and sticking to each other. Making a multi layered printed circuit board usually requires the assistance of a computer to design and put together.

The most important aspects of building a printed circuit board is the layout and the design of the circuit itself. This is why it is important to mention specifications to the person who will be making the circuit board for you. When looking for a company to produce a board for you, make sure that they do not mass produce boards. This would ensure the quality and effectiveness of each board you will order.

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