Modern Add-ons for Logo Lanyards that People Never Thought Possible

Numerous generic accessories or add-ons are available in ordering logo lanyards. However, time has changed and manufacturers came up with new accessories that buyers never thought possible. These unique add-ons provide convenience for users while boosting a company’s brand.

USB Flash Drive

Most computer users in an office place their USB flash drives together with their ID cards on lanyards. The goal is to keep them from forgetting their drives, especially if they have essential files to bring to the office. Nowadays, lanyards can come with flash drives as add-ons. Employers can obtain these add-ons to give their employees an extra flash drives for the files used for the company.

Lanyards keep flash drives by connecting it using a breakaway attachment. The breakaway serves as its cover and holder. Detaching the breakaway will show the USB connector, which is the USB component plugged on computers.

Clients can specify their needed USB drive capacity in their orders. Usual capacities range from 512 MB or more depending on the manufacturer’s offer.

Unique Badge Reels and Pulls

Badge reels are often circular attachments or length extenders on logo lanyards. In the past, clients reel choices are limited to varying colors and transparency options. However, unique badge reels are now available to meet clients’ special requirements. For instance, some badge reels are designed according to certain themes, which means their shapes are different from conventional choices.

Dual-strap Badge Holders

Logo LanyardsDual-strap badge holders are self-explanatory. They come with two badge holders or clips, so users will have a designated clip for different badge types. They also come with retractable reels for convenient access on doors and offices.


Silkscreen printing and embroidering are the common choices in placing logos and company names on logo lanyards. Nevertheless, some manufacturers took branding to the next level by using rhinestones as a way of labeling lanyards. Rhinestones are sparkly faux gemstones that create amazing lanyard designs. Lanyard manufacturers utilize a studding tool to place rhinestones manually to form the company’s name on the strap. Companies in the fashion industry or clothes sellers will find these studded lanyards as good ways of capturing customers’ attention.

Clients, however, must understand that placing rhinestones requires additional work and special materials. Hence, they come with extra fees on top of basic lanyard prices.

Green Badge Holders

Green badge holders are ideal for individuals who wish to contribute to environmental safety, which is also a goal of numerous companies. Green or environment-friendly procedures gave way to producing these badge holders without polluting the environment. Companies advocating the same cause can order these green badge holders with their logo lanyards. Just like rhinestones, eco-friendly badge holders and lanyards may come with special prices due to their uniqueness and the special procedures incorporated for production.

Badge Holders with Additional Features

Logo LanyardNumerous badge holders today possess additional features that provide added function and convenience for users. A good example is placing a small flashlight with the badge holder. Miniature flashlights come with retractable reels. They can light doorknobs and keyholes in case of poor lighting in an office or during nighttime, which makes opening doors easier.

Another good option is including small notepads behind badge holders. This feature is ideal for those instances when a person needs to take notes immediately. Users can jot down their insights, special notes, phone numbers, or inspirations for work on these pads. Notepads may also come with small pens as part of the package.

Without a doubt, logo lanyards come with new and remarkable features resulting from people’s creativity. Companies wishing to take advantage of these features and add-ons should verify availability before placing their orders.