How to Get Creative with Iron On Patches?

Iron on patches are stylish and convenient items that you can use for many things. Normally, you can use the patches in uniforms and clothes to add a distinctive logo or emblem to them. For example, military personnel have patches on their clothes to show their designation and eve their names. School uniforms also have the said patches to show what school a student belongs to.

In that sense alone, the iron patches are useful. However, that is not the only use there is to the said patch. There are numerous creative ways for a person to take advantage of clothing patches.

Patches shapes

One of the obvious uses of the clothing patches is the ever-classic patch-a-hole. Especially for children, it is common for their pants to have holes within just several months of use. Instead of throwing the pants away simply because of the hole around the knee area, you repair it by adding clothing patches. You can find patches with superhero designs, so the kids will love them.

Small tears may appear not only on the pants, but also on the kids’ favorite shirts. This is common when they play and they happen to get their shirt caught on a nail. The little tear will eventually become a great hole if it is left as it is, thus, covering it up with clothing patches is a good idea. Make your own shapes or designs when covering up these tears. Small designs such as flowers or mini-art should be appropriate for the small tears appearing on the shirt or pants.

Stained clothes are common as well. Instead of washing the clothes over and over just to remove the stain then eventually fading away the original color of the entire clothes, using the iron on patches is a better alternative. Stubborn stains are easier to keep out of sight these are underneath a layer of iron on patch.

If you have plain jeans, you can spice up its design by adding some iron on patches. The clothing patches are not solely designed to repair stained or torn clothes and ripped jeans. You can also use it to design your clothes. You can make your own artwork on an iron on patch then place it creatively on the jeans. You can have customized jeans once you’re done.

You can also use the patches for your plain tote bag. The tote bag is actually an ideal surface for little clothing patch artwork. Simple shapes should already be sufficient in spicing up the design of the plain tote bag. However, you can take it up a notch by letting your creative juices spill. Use your own imagination to create a design that will look best with the plain tote bag you have.

Adding a little bit of magic for your curtains and scarves is possible when you have the clothing patches. Most of the curtains and scarves are made from sheer chiffon. The said material can be a surface where you can use your iron on patches. Match the design with the overall feel of the scarf or curtain. Moreover, take note of how the color of the patch blends with the surface.

Tufted pillows can be reinforced with the clothing patch. It will not take a lot of effort to reinforce the tufted pillow. Just put a layer of small patches right at the center to reinforce it.

Speaking of pillows, it is also possible to create an opening using the clothing patches. All you have to do is to take inspiration out of envelopes and create a button-up envelope opening. Once done, you’ll have a unique pillow that you can use at night.

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