From Rossa to TaylorMade: The Course of TaylorMadeGolf’s Top 3 Putters

Rossa putters were largely known to the golf community as some of the best. The brand name stuck for most of its creation, even though everyone knew that it was a Taylormade golf product. This article talks about some of the innovations seen in TaylorMade putters as well as their current line of putters.

Putter Technology and TaylorMade

Taylormade golf2005 is the year TaylorMade introduced the Pure Roll Technology to its putter brand Rossa. It consists of a grooved face insert that promotes forward-spin at impact. This produces a smoother, tighter roll for increased accuracy and distance control, as well as reducing the chance of the ball skidding off line. This will then become a standard with all Rossa putters, which later on will become TaylorMade putters.

Another innovation that Taylormadegolf introduced with their putters is their unique-looking Rossa Monza Spider putters in 2008. An advanced high-MOI design combined with the Pure Roll insert and MWT (movable weight technology) gives this putter exceptional stability even on mis-hits as well as great roll and control.

After the Monza Spider, Taylormade golf would market their putters under the TaylorMade name along with innovations to the short game. Their first white putter, the Corza Ghost, was launched during this time. Though most people would see this as a novelty, it served a much more definitive purpose: aim. White stands out sharply against the green turf, making it far easier to aim. Combined with the Pure Roll insert, it gives golfers a better chance of making those crucial putts, whether in a tournament or a friendly wager.

The white putter would give rise to the Ghost Series in 2011, giving TaylorMade one of the top three putter brands used by golfers in the US.

White Putters: Distinctly TaylorMade

Taylormade golf has seven names in their line of putters, although this article will only feature their top 3:

•Ghost Spider Si

This is one of the members of their Ghost Series, although it is ultimately a product of their highly stable Spider product line. Born from the technology that spawned the Monza Spider, The Spider Si gives more stability, forgiveness and control to help even the average golfer improve their game. The 15-inch, 125-gram grip successfully counterbalances the heavy putter head as well as increases “stroke stability” or the golfer’s ability to swing the head on a smooth and accurate path. Combined with the PureRollSurlyn insert and the contrasting crown colours of the head, it makes it easier for amateurs to hit those crucial putts.

•Daddy Long Legs

No, it’s not the spider a lot of people fear, but golfers should know its name like other famed Spiders from Taylormade golf. To date, it has the highest MOI ever from a putter made by TaylorMade (a distinction that used to belong to the Ghost Spider), exceeding 8500. This means it’s extremely twist-resistant, giving you exceptional control even on a mishit. Imagine the ball rolling on your desired line with your desired distance. Combined with counterbalancing through the 130-gram grip, it makes Daddy Long Legs 60% more stable than a traditional putter. The PureRollSurlyn® insert, white leading edge and simple back alignment make everything that much easier, apart from carrying the design of the very popular Monza Spider.

•Spider Blade

For Tour pros, a blade putter is still their go-to design. However, they also want the same stability and forgiveness seen in Spider Putters. Enter the Spider Blade. Its construction consists of 11 parts made from 8 materials which allowed TaylorMade to take more weight out of the center of the blade. This gives the Spider Blade an MOI of 5200, very high for blade-style putters. Combine that with counterbalancing through a heavy grip, PureRollSurlyn®, and their trademark white leading edge and linear alignment, this gives pros superior control on their putts that other blade-style putters can only dream of.